True power yoga is an intimate, raw set of workouts. The first DVD series truly produced and released by Mark Blanchard.
With only 3 students in each workout this is an incredible combination of pure strength and pure power. This is the only set of workouts you need to keep your body lean and mean.

The 50 minute core series is accessible to a first time yoga practitioner but will also drop even the most sculpted 6 pack yogi around. Along with the hip opener which will help you reach a new level of flexibility and balance to your core. The 4 workouts together are designed to be rotated in order to keep your practice fresh and unrepetitive  —repetitive workouts deplete certain muscles in your body while overdeveloping others.

This new True Power Yoga DVD 4 workout set will work your entire body to create the best body you can imagine whether you are a man or a woman. True power yoga is a cardiovasvular workout, none of that sitting around in lotus stuff - it's POWER YOGA. When you do this workout series 3-4 times a week you will notice the most discernable results you have ever noticed under any circumstance whatsoever - you do not need to do any other workout. Power yoga is a complete workout. If you do these workouts 3-4 times per week and alternate them you will see noticable results within 4-6 weeks.

"In the series I kept it in the family and for the first time in all my series my wife, Elizabeth is teaching abonus workout - the hip opener. As an instructor in my LA studio this is one of the most popular workshops around. In addition, she is one of our top instructors. You will see why people love her classes. Enjoy this intimate DVD series that was made with love for all of my students will kick your derriére!" — Mark Blanchard

True Flow 90 Minute Workout

For the Athlete in all of you!  Mark Blanchard instructs NFL  leading receiver, T.J. Houshmandzadeh along with 2 other students in this strong true power flow workout. Designed to induce cardiovascular health while teaching you that a calm and powerful you… is the best you.

true-strength-tn.jpg(15kb)True Strength 90 Minute Workout
A 90 minute flowing, true “Mark” style class filled with inversions and arm balances.Designed to eliminate your fears and encourage your inner strength. This workout is the ultimate challenge of one’s personal strength, while creating a non-competitive atmosphere sans ego. This workout has sequences to challenge even the most practiced yogi, while not judging the outcome but rather, celebrating the practice Mark has created -- a true strength workout for both the body and mind.

true-core-boat.jpg(9kb)True Core 50 Minute Workout
Awaken and strengthen your abdomen and back muscles in this intense yet friendly abdominal workout. Not only will it bring strength and flexibility to your core muscles, it will create a sense of balance in your entire body. Alleviate stress and strain to the lower back region and create a happy and healthy you.

hip-opener-tn.jpg(14kb)Hip Opener Workout with Elizabeth Blanchard
Elizabeth has taken her popular hip opener workshop to dvd!  With Mark as one of the students, she leads the  class through  a series of hip openers  helping to release physical and emotional stress.  Her series is both dynamic and calming and is the perfect remedy to those days where you need to let go and let flow. Its also the only dvd that Mark has ever appeared in as a student. This should say enough about his respect for Elizabeth’s teaching.


Voted Best Weight Loss Workout, Allure Magazine, 2007.

Voted Top 10 Best Workout DVD, Fitness Magazine, 2007.

Challenging heart-pounding workout, Shape Magazine Dec 2006

Keeps you interested and challenged no matter what your level, Healing Lifestyles Dec 2006

Intense and Invigorating Mind Body workout that targets the entire body from head to toe, OC Insider Dec 2006

Mark Blanchard is the master in the hot discipline of power yoga, People Magazine